Fields of Application
•  High Polymer Industry
•  Chemical Industry, Petrochem, Petroleum refining, Painting Refining industry
•  Medicine, Food, Pesticide, Drinking industry
•  Machinery, Shipping industry
•  Steel Mill, Power Plant, Cement Plant, Natural Gas industry
•  Metallurgical, Coal Industry

Chemical Industry
Various filter media for soli-liquid separation, as well as dust filtration are used in all chemical processes. 6165.cc金沙总站
• chlorine and caustic soda production
• polymer production
• pigment production
• aluminum hydroxide production
• titanium dioxide
Know-how and the implementation of practical concepts allow processes to run safer and more efficiently. Worth mentioning is the drop proof, patented cloth version which avoids product wastage during the process.

Food processing industry

• sugar production 

• brewery

•wine production





Our portfolio also contains food consistent - FDA approved -material. 
Power plants
澳门金沙总站6165comTo comply with the statutory clean gas value, Manfre Filter offers customized filter media with high collection efficiency. Those are applicable in all current installations for waste gas dust separation.
• black coal / brown coal
• waste incineration

Metallurgy and steal works deducting
Special equipped needle felt, manufactured with state of the art production technology are used in melting plants for many metal, laser shearing equipment, welding smoke extraction and aluminum manufacturing. Those filter media comply with the requested particle residual content in clear gas and are also available for large dimensioned units, for example steal works deducting. 

Municipal and industrial waste water treatment
Manfre Filter develop and produce customized solutions for all current mobile and stationary filter press systems, for municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Whether precipitation by iron-calcium carbonate, or polymer the various options of textile filter media covers all areas of sewage sludge dewatering. Also for drying and incineration a multiplicity of solutions is available.





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